My name is Manos and I’m a Stretch Therapist!

Stretching, repatterning, strengthening with a unique approach tailored to your body promoting deep relaxation.

It’s no surprise to learn that yogis get a deep sense of relaxation and experience a freedom when they complete a yoga practice. What may be surprising to learn, is that this feeling is available to everyone if we approach stretching and limbering in a more subtle and intelligent way.

Stretch Therapy is the safest, most efficient method for anyone to achieve grace and ease in daily life, whether as an office worker, a busy parent or an athlete. Stretch Therapy is used by pregnant women, teenagers, sportspeople, coaches, employers, and men and women of all ages.

Forrest Yoga uses intelligent sequencing to send you deep into your yoga poses and give you a renewed sense of self.



Thank you does not express enough…you are fast becoming my real life yogi guru, with physical, emotional & soul / spirit healing through genuine listening, advice & touch. Therapy by Manos, so privileged to know you as a therapist and friend. You go in a frazzle & leave like Aphrodite born from her rock. Blessed is he & I don’t think he quite realises how much.

Kimberley Rennonldson – Physiotherapist

Manos provided me with fantastic support from the other side of the world while I worked onboard my LNG gas carrier. Robert Gribben

Master Robert Gribben – Captain Merchant Navy

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