Trying to Find Yourself…? Get Creative!

After years spent patiently waiting to ‘find myself’, it occurred to me that it would be far more prudent to actually ‘create myself’, just in case i didn’t like what i found. Not only would this mean i didn’t have to wait a day longer to start realising my potential, it would also mean i had the final say in the end product – me!

What would you attempt to become if you knew you could never fail?
What would you attempt to become if you knew you could never fail?

If your thinking about planning a similar journey then you’ll want to start with the end-product in mind – this will change a million times as you grow and level-up your shit but at least you’ll have a starting point for now. Who knows, maybe this continued metamorphosis is the real journey to finding yourself -and if not at least you’ll have had fun trying!


One thought on “Trying to Find Yourself…? Get Creative!

  1. I think this journey begins when you’re born and never really ends, whether you are conscious of it or not, but like you said, you have much more say in the end-product if you choose to actively create yourself! I am happy to say that after living most of my years on auto-pilot, I’m beginning to really live and search and create. That’s a great feeling! I’ve made changes to my body and my lifestyle that have had a very positive effect on me, and there is much more to be done! I am excited about my journey and I hope that is something that most people will encounter in their lifetime. Thanks for sharing!=)

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