MYSTERIOUS BLOG – You Came & You Changed My World

So you’ve found my blog – you, me, and most importantly, the Universe, have all aligned to make it so.

Why? – because you have an intrinsic desire for self-improvement, that’s why! And because you shouldn’t argue with the universe – it’s a terrible waste of energy.

A primer for this Blog…

I think a good blog should be slightly mysterious – so don’t worry if you only get one blog out of every three posts – I’ve designed it that way!

I’m also going to need you to use your vast intellect – in order to fill the gaping holes in mine.

And courage – Courage to trust your instincts, and courage to interpret the posts in whichever way best suits your needs at the time.

However, as the author, this shouldn’t let me off the hook entirely, and I promise to *KISS whenever possible.

Sometimes you’ll need the philosophical but quite often the practical ‘how-to’ will be just as useful. In fact the intellectual, physical, or even spiritual understanding can only come after we’ve done the practical thing -you could read a dozen books on endorphins & ‘the runners high’ OR, you could just go for a run!

So the blog-posts will be a healthy mix of esoteric musings and practical advice.

Today – just to be controversial – i’ll leave you with both the mysterious & the practical…


If courage is with you this week, put this advice into practice and feedback below 😊

Yours in Practical Mysticism,


*KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid


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