So we go to the gym and somewhere between the thrashing, the sweat, and the grunting lies fitness. If we push harder, go longer, and lift stronger, we WILL get fitter!

We think this is fitness – we call this fitness – but this is not fitness, this is stress.

Don’t get me wrong…without stress, there is no adaptation…and adaptation (to an ever increasing demand) is fitness.

Embrace stress as a beautiful opportunity to grow – but recognise the power. Too much stress will kill you – and you’re far too pretty to die just yet!

Also remember this – stress is stress…unpaid bills, rush-hour traffic, your boss on a bad day, your boss on a good day, your kids poor school report, YOUR poor work report, family disputes, family get-togethers, family disputes following family get-togethers, deadlines, dead-ends, split-ends, you name it, it’s probably raising your blood pressure just reading about it!

If this sounds like your week – or you’re just in a deep hole of sleep deprivation and overwork – how sensible would it be to go to the gym for an extra dose of stress this week?

I’ll give you a clue…


It doesn’t matter that its a very different form of stress – your primeval lizard system only has ‘on & off’ …it’s designed to get you out of the way of sabre-tooth tigers in a hurry, but it really doesn’t care what you’re up against, it just dumps a load of hormones and lets you figure the rest out.

Cortisol, is known as the stress hormone – anabolic (building) for fat tissue and catabolic (destroying) for muscle tissue. Exactly the opposite of what you want if your goal is fat-loss and lean muscle.

Do your hormones a favour and take the foot off the gas…go find a skilled yoga instructor in your area, and/or use your scheduled gym time to meditate instead (Forest Yoga is my practise of choice).


And if your meditation simply means a walk through the woods or along the coast – GREAT! Any activity which is restorative in any way – where you have more energy at the end than you did at the beginning – will help you move forward in leaps and bounds. At the very least it’ll stop you digging yourself even deeper into that hole!

Yours in this scary, confusing, modern world.


Manos Modern Methods
Ancient Restorative System of Movement and Nutrition incorporated for today’s Modern World.


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